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Call for current pricing 781-784-4230

Spruance Class Destroyer 1:96 Length 70" [Details]

Model Keels Laid

To be completed with your specifications

Ticonderoga Class Aegis Cruiser 1:192 Length 36"
Wasp Class LHD-5 Aircraft Carrier 1:96 Length 118"

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Call us at 781-784-4230. We will contact you with a quote within a week of receiving your request.

  • Custom models take 3-6 months to complete.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of completed models within the continental USA.
  • All prices include ship model, oak or mahogany base, and acrylic dust cover.
  • Price does not include shipping and handling costs.
  • All models other than the naval models shown are quoted upon receipt of plans. If plans are not available from client or Twenty-first Century Models, a research and drawing fee will be included in the cost of construction.

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